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OPTIROC RENDER (Coarse & Fine)

OPTIROC RENDER is a durable, high quality cementitious prepacked mortar specially formulated for plastering work on concrete surfaces, brickwalls and blockwalls. It provides superior bond strength to the substrates and can be used for both internally and externally.

OPTIROC RENDER can be used immediately with the addition of required water content and mix with either a hand-held or mechanical mixer producing a homogeneous paste with a good workability.

OPTIROC RENDER is designed for plastering on concrete surfaces,
brickwalls, blockwalls and lightweight autoclaved aerated blocks. It is
recommended for use as a joint mortar for brickworks, blockworks and
bedding to receiving wall tiles. It is suitable for internal and external

Excellent bond strength.
Minimizes shrinkage cracking.
Consistent quality.
Convenient in handling, mixing and application.
Weather resistance and durable.

OPTIROC RENDER is packed in 40 kg bag.

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